Thursday, February 28, 2008

MABEY BABY? and other stuff

Hi Everyone, I hope your having a great week. I know I kitchen ceiling and all! I received an email today informing me that the next time I see Steph, she will not be alone. She has a cutie on the way and HE might be here a little early. I'm sooo excited for her and Andy (and glad it's not me). Can't wait to hold the cutie pie, smell his hair (baby's heads smell so good) then as soon as he makes a peep.....he's goin to mama!

OK onto other things. This week I will have a jar on the counter to collect pennies for "Pennies for Patients". Any pennies you donate will go to a great cause. I will be dropping them off at the school in a few weeks so BRING YOUR PENNIES! The kids appreciate it very much.

I also want to let everyone know that FRIDAY MARCH 7TH I WILL BE CLOSED. My daughter and I will be in Virginia at the Cheer Nationals and we are leaving Friday am. Thanks so much for understanding..Saturday the 8th we will be OPEN our regular hours 10-3. Allyssa will be here to help you!
Pictures gallery: This is Gail. She is a regular has modeled on this blog before. She made this adorable baby blanket complete with sail boats and rope. I love it and think she did a great job!

This is a scarf that a customer brought in to show me. She made it with Glitter sock yarn and it came out great...Below is a shawl I made this week. I'm sure just by looking at it you can tell how easy it was... Just knit and inc. on large needles. I used glitter sock yarn and a strand of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece held together. If you aren't glittery you could use any sock yarn. It's great for spring.

Oh and not that I'm dwelling on my rejection from but I thought I would post the picture we sent in below. I think Lynzee did a great job while I followed her around with a camera for about a to see you all soon...Donna

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